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Luna is working with some of the leading e-scooter and micromobility operators in Europe, U.S. and elsewhere. Our approach is to pilot our ‘Edge AI’ and computer vision solutions with innovative partners who are trying to make their service safer, smarter and more valuable to the Cities they operate in.
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Luna, TIER, DCU and the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, are collaborating on an exciting academic-industry computer vision research partnership. The partnership involves a fleet of Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision equipped e-scooters, which is being deployed for use by Dublin City University (DCU) staff and campus companies, in a research pilot project, within and between the various DCU campuses across Dublin. The aim of the research project is to explore the smart city possibilities associated with a camera equipped fleet of shared scooters. We are essentially turning the TIER fleet in DCU, into a ‘mobile sensor network’ for the City.
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Luna has partnered with Voi to test specific sidewalk riding and pedestrian detection algorithms (loaded onto the Luna vision module) in Northampton. Voi’s e-scooters in Northampton will be able to sense whether they are on a footpath, a bike lane or on the road so Northamptonshire County Council can better understand how they are being used. “This state of the art technology will support the current trial in Northampton by allowing us to better understand rider and pedestrian behaviour and therefore, integrate e-scooters into our local transport system in a more effective and beneficial way.” – Northamptonshire County Councillor Jason Smithers
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Zipp has partnered with Luna in order to access our ground-breaking technology, which uses artificial intelligence and camera technology to ensure better safety.

Both companies have also agreed to share computer vision data with researchers based in the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, as well as with Dublin City Council’s Smart Dublin team.

“Zipp is delighted to be partnering with Luna, another rapidly emerging Irish micromobility success story, to make our fleet the most technologically advanced one on the streets of the UK, and in the near future Ireland,” – Zipp mobility CEO and Founder Charlie Gleeson


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