Luna is bringing precise positioning and computer vision to micromobilitY

Luna Systems lets you know precisely WHERE your light electric vehicle or device is positioned, and exactly HOW it is being ridden, driven or operated.

Urban Mobility Safety Platform

Compliant parking

Our positioning solution is accurate to 3 centimetres! This is a game-changer for the control of scooter parking and street clutter.

Sidewalk riding prevention

Luna's computer vision AI enables road/sidewalk/cycle lane recognition.

Mobile mockup, Luna Systems

Pedestrian Detection

Luna enabled scooters can detect and count pedestrians and react accordingly in real time.

Camera as a Sensor

Smart City AI for micromobility, including camera based parking in zero signal areas, helmet detection and other applications.

Solving e-Mobility challenges

Our Technology


Luna also uses a range of smart cameras and ‘Edge AI’ algorithms to provide contextual information alongside the precise location of each scooter. The possible scooter use cases for computer vision include:

  • Lane recognition – Is the scooter riding on the Road, the Sidewalk or the Bike lane?
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Helmet detection
  • Camera assisted parking (using QR code recognition in designated spaces that don’t have any GPS signal – e.g. underground car parks or ‘urban canyons’)
  • Smart City Insights (Surface conditions, obstructions, near misses etc)

CM-level accurate GNSS/RTK Positioning

A non-Luna equipped scooter using legacy GPS would only know when it was in the general vicinity (5-10m) of a designated parking space, and only approximately 66% of the time, even in good signal conditions. This level of inaccuracy is no longer tenable for cities who want to better govern and control bad scooter parking and illegal sidewalk riding. Even in the absence of good signal conditions such as in urban canyons, Luna enabled scooters can use computer vision to accurately position themselves.

This level of new insight allows operators to hold riders accountable for where and how they ride their rented scooter, while Smart Cities can in the future access the ‘camera as a sensor’ capability to better inform policy and infrastructure decisions around micromobility.

Luna addresses the challenges slowing the adoption of micromobility in urban environments

Luna systems is developing world first, centimetre-level accurate, positioning technology for shared scooter fleets

About us


Luna systems is developing world first, centimetre-level accurate, positioning technology for shared scooter fleets. Understanding the location of scooters currently involves considerable guesswork on behalf of fleet operators, since the GPS modules being used can only tell the rough location of the scooters at any given time (c. 10m radius accuracy and only accurate to that resolution approximately two thirds of the time). With Luna’s centimetre-level accurate solution, operators can ensure that scooters are left precisely and irrefutably at appropriate, accessible locations and not left cluttering the footpath causing danger to the visually impaired or other pedestrians.

Luna systems is also developing Computer Vision technology that uses onboard smart cameras as sensors to govern and control where and how scooters are ridden in the public realm. Luna’s computer vision can detect and count the presence of pedestrians, as well as what surface or lane the scooter is being ridden on. The technology will help operators and cities to better govern footpath riding or riding in heavily pedestrianised zones, to ensure a safer environment for both users and pedestrians.

We have built a team with a truly unique set of skills, across M2M communications, Fleet Management, Computer Vision and IoT, to address some of the biggest challenges in the micromobility and unmanned autonomy industries.

Micromobility for leading brands

Our clients


What people say?

Zipp is delighted to be partnering with Luna, another rapidly emerging Irish micromobility success story, to make our fleet the most technologically advanced one on the streets of the UK, and in the near future Ireland.
Voi is developing scooters that can ‘see’ what’s around them and therefore irrefutably ‘know’ what they need to do in order to be safe, whereas other scooters are trying to ‘feel’ what’s around them and use that to ‘guess’ what they should do next.

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