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Urban Mobility Platform

Luna Systems lets you know precisely WHERE your light electric vehicle or device is positioned, and exactly HOW it is being ridden, driven or operated.

Perfect parking

Our positioning is accurate to 10 centimeters! This is a game-changer for scooter parking

Safe Riding

Machine vision provides road/sidewalk/cycle lane recognition. Detect riders misbehaving

Rider condition

Rider attention sensor detects driver distraction and can also tell if the rider is wearing a helmet

Robust and reliable

Luna is run by telematics industry veterans. It works!

Luna prototype

Solving e-Mobility challenges

Our Technology

CM-level accurate GNSS/RTK

A non-Luna equipped scooter would know it was in the general vicinity (5-10m) of a designated parking space, approximately 66% of the time.

This level of inaccuracy is no longer tenable for cities who want to better govern and control bad scooter parking and illegal sidewalk riding for instance. It is also unsuitable for slow moving autonomous delivery bots and other service/industrial robots, which then end up relying on complex and expensive systems like Lidar.zd

Vision positioning system

In the absence of good signal conditions such as in urban canyons, Luna uses computer vision to accurately position the device/vehicle, and govern its usage and operation. See examples/video demos of this and other computer vision applications in the “challenges” section.

Luna addresses the challenges slowing the adoption of micromobility in urban environments

Services & Capabilities

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Luna is innovating to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing manned and unmanned light electric vehicles.

Our technologies are not only suitable for E-scooters but also a range of other light electric vehicles, such as; E-bikes, Cargo Bikes, Trikes, Mopeds. 

We currently are developing the next generation of Luna technologies in the unmanned autonomy space. Stay tuned!

We are addressing industrial and service challenges by developing cross-sector robotic solutions.

About us


We believe micromobility devices and unmanned autonomous LEV’s have the power to change the world for the better. This is true across personal transport, automated industrial/service robots, as well as last mile logistics.

But there are some significant challenges to overcome first – specifically around the positioning accuracy of these devices when they are required to interact with the public realm.

We have built a team with a truly unique set of skills, across M2M communications, Fleet Management, Computer Vision and IoT, to address some of the biggest challenges in the micromobility and unmanned autonomy industries.

Picture shows l-r, Andrew Fleury, CEO, Luna; Peter Gomez, VP of Operations, Blue Duck Scooters; Samantha Fahy, DCU; Prof. Brian MacCraith, President of DCU and Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO, Taoglas. 
Irish Tech Consortium ‘Luna’, Partners with U.S. E-Scooter Operator Blue Duck, and Smart Dublin, To Pilot Its ‘World First’ Centimetre-Level Positioning Technology At Dublin City University. 


What people say?

Luna’s trial with an international player like Blue Duck, is a great example of the calibre of groundbreaking mobility solutions that are being rolled out in Dublin. We’re also looking forward to see how the data gleaned from the pilot cloud potentially enable informed conversations around micromobility and how it could be integrated into the city’s transport system in due course.
Jamie Cudden
Smart City lead for Dublin City Council
We were excited to learn about Luna’s centimeter-level GPS technology when it was announced two months ago. That level of precision would allow us to locate our scooters more efficiently and would lead to stricter compliance with geofencing requirements. Providing exceptional service to our partners and riders.
Michael Keane
Blue Duck CEO

Contact us

Get in touch for any inquiries

Phone: +353(0)1 90 53 881
Email: info@luna.systems

DCU Alpha Innovation Campus, Glasnevin,
Dublin, D11 KXN4

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